Jai hind...good day to all....The present democracy has to be improved to empowered people socially, economically & politically to take the responsibility in all provide all social benefits to all people...remaining united...under the social security service system....The people needs to know that they are in CAPITALIST DEMOCRACY...not ..PEOPLE DEMOCRACY...the defference between the two is that in capitalist democracy...political parties sitting out side of the democracy & constitution..distribute the VITAL DEMOCRATIC RIGHT OF REPRESENTATIVE to wealthy classes of the society...& influence the people by their manifestoes...& get the voting support...In PEOPLE DEMOCRACY....the constitution made more impartial & can provide the vital democratic right of REPRESENTATIVE directly to common people through the PEOPLE'S COMMISSION inducted into the constitution....this will make democracy simple in reach to voting classes to establish the people rule in DEMOCRACY.
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Space colonization has reached an impasse, for reasons far more fundamental than a lack of money for the Space Shuttle program. There is simply no way humans can travel easily offworld without using massive amounts of rocket fuel to escape the gravity well —